Simplify your shower the easy way!

What’s the shower shelf?

The Shower Shelf is a patented system for transforming your towel bar into a shelf, able to hold all of your soaps, shampoos, razors, and shower accessories.

You can use the Shower Shelf on any towel bar, whether inside your shower or somewhere else in the bathroom.  Get rid of the rust rings on the bathroom floor and have an organized place in your shower.


How it works

Use Any Standard Towel Rack!


The Shower Shelf takes about 3-6 seconds to install.  You simply place the shelf on the shower bar.

Our patented no slip system is designed to transform your towel bar to a shelf while still being able to use the towel bar.


 Your Shower Shelf is ready!

 It’s simple, but brilliant solution is now used in showers all over the world.

Want to improve the organization of your shower?  Get the Shower Shelf today!